Automatic and Semi-Automatic Machines for Food/Vegetable processing and packaging

International quality plants ad machines from Senpronics can treat most fruits & vegetables, be it atropical fruit, decidouos fruit, citris fruit or tomato for the production for below:


  • Single strength pulp/juices
  • Fruit Juices/Jams
  • Fruit Salad
  • Tomato sauces and ketchup
  • Dehydrated fruits & vegetables
  • Condiments/salsa/mustard/mayonnaise
  • Pouches and aseptic packaging
  • Juices/Pulp concentrates
  • Canned fruit
  • Tomato puree/paste
  • Ginger, garlic & onion paste
  • Vacuum freeze dried products
  • End packaging for above products in cans/bottles
  • We offer medium to large scale plants ranging from 1 to 10T per hour capacity. These plants are custom built and setup on turnkey basis with complete installation and commissioning. Various end-packaging options are offered likt PET bottles, cans and aseptic packaging.


    Stages State
    Stage I Inspection/Cutting/Sorting/Preparation
    Stage II Washing/Preparation Section
    Stage III Fruit Juice/Pulp Extraction
    Stage IV Concentration & Evaporation
    Stage V Pasteurization and Sterlization Equipment
    Stage VI Filling & Packaging
    Stage VII Utility & Accessories
    Stage VIII Dehydration Equipment